Use the interactive map below to safely navigate throughout the Dunedin Cart Zone. Note the particular crossings of certain roads, and which roads you can and cannot legally travel. Additionally, you might be here for the answer to two of our most commonly heard questions:

“Where can I legally cross the main roads I’m not allowed to drive on, like Alt-19, Skinner/Main or CR-1?”

Effective October 15, 2019, the City of Dunedin approved the following crossings, noted by the green and blue arrows on the map below:

Use Palm Blvd. or Monroe St. to cross Alt-19.
Use Michigan Blvd., San Christopher Dr., or Falcon Dr./Amberlea Dr. N to cross CR-1.
Use ONLY Bass Blvd. to cross SR-580/Skinner/Main.
Use Manor Dr. S/Knollwood Dr. to cross Patricia Ave.

“How can I access Highlander Park or get to or through any of the other parks?”

The short answer is “Golf carts are not allowed in or on city parks, green spaces, the Pinellas Trail, sidewalks or any other public lands except where specifically designated for golf cart use,” like during special events. For full, detailed information on how to travel to or through our parks, visit the City of Dunedin’s website HERE.

The map below is from a third party source and is not maintained by Dunedin Goes Carting or