Ordinance Modernization

“Cautiously positive.”  This is the best phrase to describe the results of the Tallahassee trip, a city staff member reported to Dunedin Goes Carting.  This is a follow-up to our earlier post which reported that a small group of city representatives were traveling up to Tallahassee on February 13, 2019. Their goal was to push harder on the state (read that as FDOT) to allow Dunedin to approve a legal golf cart crossing of 580/Skinner through the traffic light at Bass Blvd.

This trip came on the heels of what was reported to be a somewhat disappointing meeting with local FDOT officials. The small team consisted of our city’s planner, our traffic consultant, commissioner Gracey, and a few other representatives. Deciding to take the cause one step higher, these representatives met directly with state officials to advance this objective further.

Results of the trip are reported to be quite positive, though we are taking care to report this very cautiously. It is definitely not a done-deal. Fortunately, our city’s traffic consultant, Jerry Dabkowsi, is helping to chart the course. The team will be assembling everything needed to submit for the approval of this deviation to cross state road 580.

This is the latest information we have on the topic. The important take-aways are:

  • The topic is still alive, and well-supported among our city’s management and commission
  • We have an experienced traffic consultant helping drive the issue
  • The officials in Tallahassee have now had face-time with Dunedin representatives.

We will keep you updated on the progress.