Whats the Status

Our latest post under the category “What’s the status of…?” is the topic of a legal golf cart crossing of Skinner / 580.

You may remember from a previous post that many residents in Dunedin Goes Carting worked with City staff in several Golf Cart Task Force meetings during the mid to late portion of 2018. Among the major changes proposed, the most important of those changes was the work to create a legal crossing of Skinner / State Road 580 thru the traffic light at Bass Blvd.

This is hot topic that needs no reiteration. We all know the crossings of Alt. 19 are challenging and sometimes risky. We all know that Victoria drive is a difficult rural road that is not a desirable alternative for both cart drivers and local residents alike. We all know that people are dangerously playing frogger with traffic as they cross Skinner illegally from Douglas or MLK. 

The commissioners know it. The City staff knows it. Residents know it. The city has been working as hard as they can to get a legal crossing approved, but FDOT (read that as “the state”) is digging their heels into not permitting a golf cart crossing fo Skinner / 580. 

Our city manager, Jennifer Bramley, has authorized staff to go the final mile. On February 13th certain city staff members, will join Commissioner Gracy on a trip up to Tallahassee. This team is pulling out all the stops to try and get this deviation approved for our City and our residents. 

This is by no means a sure bet. But I felt you should know how far the City staff, manager, and commissioners are willing to go for all of us. We will keep you updated.