Ordinance Modernization

“Are we ever going to see the changes including the crossing of Skinner at Bass”?

We receive this question via our web site at least 3 times per week. Questions like this are never a bother.  This type of community participation and communication is what Dunedin Goes Carting is all about. Keep them coming!

It’s been exactly a year since the first of our workshops between residents (both golf cart-supporting and critical residents… DGC encourages both!), city staff, and other volunteers began outlining which modifications would make the most improvement to safety and navigation. In early January 2019 our traffic consultant proposed that a legal crossing at Skinner and Bass may again be on the table. From there, city staff and one commissioner traveled to Tallahassee in March to further negotiate in support of this.

First reading of the finished updates to the Golf Cart Ordinance were predicted in early summer 2019. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait just a little longer. You’ll note that this week’s regular commission meeting agenda for June 6th, indicates item 2a where the city staff is recommending to postpone the introduction of the ordinance update presentation. But why?

The FDOT did, in fact, grant a conditional and limited deviation that would allow the city to permit Golf Carts to cross Skinner at Bass Blvd through the traffic light. However, the FDOT also appears interested in removing the older crossing locations of Alt. 19 at Monroe and Jackson.

Let’s state the obvious – The City Staff, Commissioners, business owners, and residents, are all clearly aware this would be detrimental to accessing the marina and Edgewater park. This is not something anyone wants to happen. This delay will allow our traffic consultant, city planner, and others, to renegotiate the total allowable crossing locations.

I know this is difficult news to hear, but please remember it is not a decision.  It is simply a request for more time so that the best solution can be presented to all Dunedin residents. DGC strives to present you with all information we have available, good or bad.

It’s worth noting here that if you state-registered your LSV, or Golf Cart modified to meet the LSV category standard, then you are able to legally cross Skinner at Bass right now. For more details on this please read more about that by clicking here.