Ordinance Modernization

Back in late 2018, the city staff met with residents and members of Dunedin Goes Carting to form a golf cart task force with the goal to address and improve aspects of navigating golf carts within our city. You can go back and review the exact topics listed in minutes from each of those meetings – they are posted here on our web site.

This morning Greg Rice reported significant progress regarding the northern expansion of Dunedin’s golf cart zone. The official maps for the northern zone expansion (the cart zone north of SR-580) will be completed by the city shortly. Pre-approval for several crossings of County Road 1, north of 580, has been received. These will be combined into a new ordinance amendment and placed for vote before the commission approximately 90 to 120 days from now.

Other improvements are still in the works, as is the possible legal golf cart crossing of 580.