Town Buzz

Our group continues to receive messages from both home owners and cart drivers alike regarding Victoria Dr. Most of these messages are framed politely, but they still include requests to ask for patience on part of everyone using this road.  We know the road is only one car space wide through a large part of it’s length. We also know that once someone starts down the road, if you’re on the water side, you are basically trapped with no place to give way to traffic. 

Most cart drivers are trying to be considerate and avoid going in people’s driveway, likewise they are trying to avoid going on people’s grass on either side. We realize this leaves both cars and carts few options.  At this point in time, the only recommendations is that if someone is stopped please wait until they have finished up what they are doing (getting out of a taxi, receiving a delivery, etc.). If the oncoming traffic is moving, we realize you have nowhere to go, even if you stop and yield – there just isn’t enough room. Try to back up if possible.

There aren’t many solutions, however there continues to be an effort toward a crossing solution for Skinner. Until then, it is vital that we please work to be extra considerate of the residents. Please do everything you can to avoid going anywhere on the grass shoulders, avoid people’s driveways, and please be patient for cars that have stopped for just a moment (to unload passengers, luggage, or to pay a fare). 

The best approach is for us to tip-toe carefully through the neighborhood, be overly courteous, and remain focused on the REAL fix which is the future legal crossing of Skinner. Stay calm. It’s a golf cart ride, enjoy it for what it is. Take in the beautiful view of the water, and conjure up the most courtesy and cautiousness you can muster. Remember this is DUNEDIN. The people living on Victoria, and your fellow car and cart drivers, are our own people. WE can do this!     Thank you for the cooperation.