Town Buzz

The feedback we receive through our web site communication is extremely valuable, our golf cart community always benefits when residents participate.

One item has been on the top of the list for a few weeks now, and it remains among the most messaged topic second only to the potential legal crossing of 580. It is the intersection of Broadway, Main Street, and Alt. 19.


There is a lot of confusion with this intersection among residents and even law enforcement. We agree with what many people have reported; the signage is confusing. Dunedin Goes Carting has confirmed both with the city and our Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, that the following map and maneuvers are legal for registered golf carts under the current Dunedin golf cart ordinance.


Please see the map below. Green arrows depict legal and acceptable turns for city-registered golf carts operating under the Dunedin ordinance, while red indicates where golf carts can not legally navigate.

LSVs are only allowed on Alt. 19 if they have a current State registration and a DMV-issued motor vehicle tag in accordance with Florida Statute 316.2122 ; golf carts operating with a city of Dunedin permit decal are not permitted anywhere on Alt. 19 in Dunedin.