Ordinance Modernization

The City of Dunedin has officially released the new golf cart zone map commensurate with the new golf cart ordinance amendment. The map becomes effective on September 28, 2019.

The new map is a GIS-Map, or Geographical Information System, meaning that is a scaleable and layered map intended to be used electronically and in real-time. The map works on nearly any smartphone, tablet, or computer and requires no special software because it is browser-based. You can zoom right down to the individual street level if you desire. 

The new map now displays the zones and maneuvers that will become effective on Saturday September 28, 2019. The map is available by simply clicking the button labeled “Cart Zone Map” on our web site (see below).


The Map can also be accessed by using the web site links on the City of Dunedin’s web site, under the heading “Golf Carts” (see below).




The new zone map contains important details we need to be aware of.  The first is one that is entirely new, and unfortunately one change that our City fought the State (FDOT) up to the last minute but could not win: The intersection at Alt. 19, Main Street, and Broadway is off limits to any golf cart unless the cart carries a State Vehicle tag.  No turns, no navigation – period. Unless your golf cart carries a State Vehicle Registration / Tag, we will be ticketed for any turn in any direction, or if we pass through this intersection.  There is not much more to say on this topic. The City fought hard …and lost against the State rule. Please follow the rule, there will be no recourse if we don’t. Signs are posted. Folks, do not play here… the PCSO monitors this intersection with alacrity. It is a trip point; let’s not be sucked in.   

The upshot is that this restriction is just not that inconvenient because we can travel on Scotland to Douglas and get to everything we need to without any extra effort. Please note this modification highlighted here:
Map Pages 3


On the plus side:
Residents that live in the neighborhood near Angle Road, often called “Radio Neighborhood”, will find that their navigational problems have been fixed, and residents in the Scotsdale area now enjoy new access to the downtown area. This is a result of new “shared roadway” zones that replace specific crossing areas on roads like Patricia and Virginia. We may cross or drive on any portion of the roadway that is marked in green on the map.  We may not travel on any portion of the road that is red. (See clip below)


Residents on the North Side of our City enjoy a new zone as well. Welcome our friends from the NE quadrant, north of 580 and east of CR-1. Three new legal crossing of CR-1 north of 580 have been added. One at Amberlea / Falcon, one at San Christopher, and one at Michigan Blvd. (see clip below)



As if these improvements weren’t exciting enough, the big one is the only legal crossing of 580/Skinner, and it is at a Traffic Signal: Bass Blvd. and Skinner. No more navigating around the Victoria Street craters, no more dangerous blind crossing at Jackson St.  (see clip below)


Please remember that this crossing allowance was in direct response to many residents complaining that the Alt. 19 crossing at Jackson Street was very dangerous. The Alt. 19 crossing at Jackson Street has now been removed and we are no longer able to cross there legally. We may still cross Alt. 19 at Monroe St. to gain access to the marina. 

Also of note: The authorized access pathway on the service road at the south edge of Highlander Park is now officially documented in the City’s cart zone map – no more guessing, no more subjective interpretation. Please note this is our “gospel”. Unless otherwise authorized by the City (such as during special events with very specific signage) carts may ONLY be on the identified pathway in Highlander Park, and no where else that a normal motor vehicle can’t already be.  Please be advised: This area is currently under construction, but will be reopened to us shortly. (see clip below)

Again, we can access the Interactive GIS-Map Here. Or, by using the “Cart Zone Map” button on our web site’s main page, or by navigating through the City’s web site. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office has been fully educated on every detail of this map, and every deputy can pull the map up on their phone.

Those are the highlights.
I hope we will see you all on Saturday September 28th at 10:00 am. 


As a closing thought, there are still more changes that we can expect. The City is also committed to making other improvements including:

  • The potential for online cart registration renewal
  • Training video and simple test required for all cart registration applicants and renewals. (to ensure newcomers are educated, and those re-registering are informed of any changes)
  • Public cart-related outreach programs at various city-sponsored events.

The City staff worked hard and wanted to get the navigational improvements out to the public as quickly as possible. Please be patient for the other improvements.