Ordinance Modernization

The City staff has informed us that they will complete their changes ahead of schedule and our Golf Cart Ordinance Amendment is officially inaugurated on Saturday September 28th!

Yes, this means that beginning Saturday September 28th all of the crossing locations and all of the navigational improvements are available for the public to use as defined under the rules of the newly amended Dunedin Golf Cart Ordinance.

To celebrate the work and successful completion of a long project to which so many people have contributed, the City of Dunedin is sponsoring a ribbon cutting event and two community group photos. Photos which, if we have our way, will be hung in the Dunedin Museum – and also made available electronically to each of us.

Saturday, September 28th, at 10:00am. Meet in the lot behind Soggy Bottom Brewery. We will gather there for a large group photo with carts together, then walk across to Bass Blvd. (no carts) for a second group photo and the ribbon cutting. 

It’s simple.  It’s camaraderie.  It’s community.   It’s Dunedin, Dun our way!     I hope you’ll join us.