Ordinance Modernization

For many months now DGC volunteers, city staff members, commissioners, and traffic consultants have been working together to craft the next big steps in improving and expanding the use of NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) and street-legal golf carts within the city of Dunedin.

You’ve recently seen videos touting the success a team of consultants, city staff, and a commissioner have had in directly engaging the FDOT in Tallahassee – an accomplishment that gained a provisional approval to develop a legal NEV/Cart crossing of Skinner (SR580) through the traffic light at Bass Blvd.  

Eric Peterson met with Greg Rice today during and after the commission work session to gather updates on the progress. Mr. Rice is, right now, beginning to craft the first official DRAFT ordinance amendment proposal. There are still a few remaining areas where he’ll need city management decisions. In addition, there are a few items that have changed slightly during these last eight months. Nearly all are positive, but they will impact how some of the changes are executed.

The major target goals have not changed.

  • Legalized crossing of 580/Skinner at Bass Blvd., through the traffic light
  • Several legalized crossings of CR-1, north of 580, including:
    • San Christopher
    • Falcon/Amberlea
    • Michigan
    • Hickory Gate Dr.
  • Expanding the legal cart zone east of CR-1, north of 580.

Four other goals exist, but new opportunities have presented themselves. The city staff is exploring these.

  • A fix for the Lake Haven / “Radio Neighborhood” area
  • General improvements which could include navigation of South Patricia and more segments of Virginia
  • Connections that include the Scotsdale area by connecting it to navigation on south Patricia.
  • Consideration for a crossing at San Jose and Alt. 19

These last four goals all have new variables and opportunities to be explored.

It was agreed that this would be a great opportunity to assemble another public golf cart meeting and feedback session. The entire city team wants to be certain this amendment proposal has considerations for improving safety, increasing navigation and convenience, and reducing pieced or awkward sections wherever possible.

Ultimately, the best solutions attempt to avoid “setting up” residents to choose illegal options by providing more convenient choices, while preserving both motor vehicle driver tolerance and cart driver safety.

When Mr. Rice and Ms. Sharp are ready, they will collaborate with Dunedin Goes Carting to reach to out the public.

As always, those with and without interest in golf carts are welcomed and heard. We are a community first, with an interest in golf carts second. That compass shall not change.  In addition, your email feedback is always welcomed by sending a message in the contact us section of this web site. 

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