Town Buzz

Fellow Cart Drivers & friends, allow me to introduce the two people who have volunteered to take leadership of Dunedin Goes Carting. Pictured on the left, many of you already know Michael Reed. Pictured on the right is Chris Kelly. Together these gentlemen command a broad array of knowledge and experience. Chris brings his extensive experience in radio and public communications, while Michael has a proven track record of collaborating within our community.

Their efforts are also supported by other community members you know well including Julie Shine, Katya Evans, Mr.& Mrs. Deeg, Mr. & Mrs. Rose… and so many more I’m not listing – but are no less important.

The combined team doesn’t anticipate any major changes, but wants to inform the group that they intend to partner more tightly with the VFW. This will benefit everyone.

Over the next few weeks we will be transferring electronic “controls” and web site data. This, however, should be transparent to you. If there are any minor hiccups, please bear with us… we’ll get them ironed out.

Please join me in welcoming the team. They embrace the same values and love for our city and community.

~Eric Peterson