Ordinance Modernization

Heading into 2019, and with our 8th annual Christmas golf cart parades behind us, we can return to the real reason our group exists …supporting, improving, and expanding the fun and safe use of street-legal golf carts in the City of Dunedin.

The BIG celebration is just around the corner!

During 2018 many residents and members of our group partnered with City Staff to negotiate and develop a plan that is scheduled to go into effect during 2019. Let’s recap where we’ve been and where we’re going…

Our #1 goal is to achieve a City where we can legally navigate the entire city via Golf Cart. In 2019 we are going to realize 96-97% of that. Here is what is in that plan:

  • A fully legal crossing of Skinner / 580. With the assistance of Jerry Dapkowski, our city’s traffic consultant, we are positioned to get the required approval from the State (FDOT) for a crossing through the traffic light at Bass Blvd.
  • We received permission from the County to develop legal cart crossings at the traffic lights of Michigan Blvd across CR-1 (north of 580), and again at San Christopher across CR-1 (north of 580).
  • New Cart Zones. With the addition of the crossing locations above, the updated ordinance will allow for an entirely new legal cart zone North of 580 from CR-1 east to Belcher, and from 580 north to Curlew.
  • Two fixes to the South Cart zone will correct the problems with the Lake Haven area, allowing them to connect with a better crossing area at Patricia, and will likely include making Virginia Rd. a legally navigable road from Lake Haven west to downtown.
  • Fixes to the crossing of Patricia will correct the navigation challenge heading downtown. This will also include a new crossing of Patricia near Lexington Rd. This will allow residents from the Scotsdale area to legally navigate downtown.
  • The City is working to improve cart-related communications to residents by improving their web site and outreach.

Clicking the link below you can review what the City Staff presented in one package. This is being crafted into an official ordinance amendment which will be publicly voted upon in early 2019.


We are almost there, folks. 

If this complete package passes you will be able to legally drive a golf cart anywhere in Dunedin with the exception of the Causeway out to Honeymoon Island. And you will no longer have to travel Victoria Dr. to traverse from South to North.