Ordinance Modernization

 Last night the Dunedin Goes Carting co-chairs continued to represent the interests expressed by residents who participated in the public golf cart meeting in late 2017. This workshop-meeting focused solely on concerns brought forth by the County Parks and Recreation Department and ultimately focused on one area – the south access to Highlander Park.

As you can imagine this was an emotionally charged topic with valid concerns represented by all that were in attendance. I believe all sides were represented fairly and given the opportunity to voice their concerns. The meeting was managed very well, and conversation was constructive and respectful. The county Parks and Rec. Department went over and above protocol by offering to take resident feedback into consideration – something they are not legally required to do. The City staff members continued to carry an open-minded and cooperative approach for all residents.

If you care to read the details, please click the link below to access our meeting minutes: