Whats the Status

This brand new section is the most requested item from residents regardless of whether they drive golf carts or not.

Market analysts reported in 2018 that many social media platforms were on a steady decline in America, with an increasing number of Americans choosing “social media sabbaticals” which often disconnect them from important announcements. Such is the case here in Dunedin, where a growing population of residents under 50 years of age are dropping the applications like Facebook and Twitter preferring Snap Chat and other less cluttered, more privacy-oriented options. In fact, during 2018 this was the most common message and concern sent to our group. 

Our City Staff runs very lean, and often needs help communicating the status of important projects, studies, and under-takings. Dunedin Goes Carting is working to help out our residents in this regard. In the upcoming months we will be using this section to post information from City Staff members, various board and task force leaders, commissioners, and even city contractors, to bring you the most up-to-date status on a number of items. 

We’re excited to be giving back to our community in another way that is valued.